From sixth through eighth grade, our Middle School program actively prepares students for the rigors they will experience at the high school level.  The transition from childhood to adolescence is not always an easy journey, but our nurturing environment in Middle School helps students feel part of a community and foster relationships amongst peers from all parts of the globe.

The Middle School curriculum goes beyond the textbook as students explore the four core subjects of science, mathematics, language, and social studies through investigative research, critical-thinking projects, and team building. Our teachers encourage students to be active learners in and out of the classroom, making connections to other academia areas and to the world around them. Our curriculum is designed to be academic, practical, innovative, and relevant to life in the twenty-first century. 

All students in our school are organized into one of eight Spirit Houses. The Spirit House System has a particular relevance in Middle School, as it provides students with an opportunity to stay connected about topics that concern them; engage in healthy and constructive modes of competition based on behavior, results and cooperation; establish leadership modules; and creates a sense of community and collaboration among peers.

Each individual’s most essential human needs are to be accepted, to be valued, and to feel a sense of belonging and importance. Here at ES American School, we support and nurture a child’s growth mentally, socially, emotionally, and ethically. Our students not only strive for academic excellence but also gain a strong understanding of what it means to be a considerate, thoughtful, and productive member of a community in the process.


Our Academic Advisors are responsible for counseling and providing guidance to their assigned advisees and for coordinating, together with all faculty, work contributing to their progress. Academic Advisors monitor their student’s welfare in the school and work closely with the Elemiddle and High School Principals, Guidance Counselor, and Primary Coaches on their continual academic, athletic, social and emotional development.


Those students who are enrolled in the Emilio Sánchez Academy also have a primary coach as their athletic advisor. The academic and athletic advisors meet on a regular basis and work closely together to best support their mutual student-athletes. The advisory team provides a fundamental support system for all student-athletes.


Our Middle School students participate in the music program. Students learn the use of several percussion and wind instruments, and they also learn how to sing. The students use their musical skills to produce and present a musical show at the end of each semester for the faculty and parents.  


Middle School students are continually being introduced to 21st century technology. Recently, they started working with Arduino Uno Starter Kits. The Arduino allows students to see how the physical and digital worlds are connected, and thereby develop basic programming skills using real life examples.


Our curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards of the American Educational System, and builds a strong foundation for academic and personal growth through sequential and age-appropriate studies. The Middle School program includes the following core subjects:

English / Language Arts

Language Arts 1
Language Arts 2
Language Arts 3
Middle School English / Language Arts courses are aligned with the US Common Core English standards.  The courses are sequential and provide age appropriate studies of literature, writing, and grammar.


Illustrative Math

Comprehensive Math 


Algebra 1
Middle School Mathematics courses are aligned to the US Common Core Math Standards. The courses are offered based on a student's skill level, allowing for a more challenging curriculum as necessary.


Comprehensive Science 1
Comprehensive Science 2
Comprehensive Science 3
Middle School Science courses include content from Life, Earth, and Physical Science.   Students explore topics in depth and partake in hands-on experimentation to gain a better understanding of the world around them. The engineering process is also an important component to the science curriculum.


World Social Studies
American History 1
American History 2
Coneixement del Medi Social i Natural*
Middle School History courses are sequential. In 6th grade, students learn about Ancient World History. In both 7th and 8th grades, students learn about American History from its origin to the present. Students enrolled in the Catalan program also study historical topics.

 Spanish and Catalan

Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Lengua Castellana y Literatura
Llengua Catalana y Literatura
Both the Spanish and Catalan language classes are 100% immersion and follow the guidelines provided by the local department of education. Students are guided through the learning process by native language speakers. Special emphasis is placed on verbal communication skills, and students practice this by giving oral presentations on various topics. Vocabulary and grammar are also important components in this program.




Computer Studies

Physical Education

Change Makers
We offer several elective options for our students each year. These courses rotate annually to ensure that a wide variety of interesting and useful skills are taught to our students during their time in Middle School.