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Welcome to ES American School in Barcelona, Spain. Our school provides outstanding education for our international students. We are extremely proud of our school and look forward to continuing to share our many successes with you.

At ESAS we strive for excellence in all we do and our students receive individualized attention from our highly experienced teachers who provide inspirational learning opportunities within small class sizes.

Students are encouraged to present their work in different ways and we also use alternative assessments to provide a more holistic approach to learning. Our students are encouraged to present their work in different ways and regularly create videos, webpages, blogs, sculptures, photo journals, and multimedia presentations to meet learning objectives. Our Bring Your Own Device program allows students to access to the best online tools to enhance their educational experiences.

The significant majority of our students go on to attend top class universities both in the United States and around the world.

Athletic excellence is a hallmark of our school. The school is located within the campus of the Emilio Sánchez Academy, a high performance tennis facility and many of our students train to become tennis players. We also have students who play a range of other sports, including water polo, horse riding and football. Those students who do not specialize in a particular sport enjoy our physical education program.

We are also extremely proud of our how we promote strong values in all our students through our ‘Character Matters’. Students are expected to be internationally minded and embrace positive values at all times. These include respect, integrity, humility and perseverance. We also expect them to have a growth mindset and strive to be creative, critical thinkers.

We are a registered SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) school. AP courses are academically rigorous classes that provide our students with the opportunity to gain college level skills and experience while still in high school.

We welcome parents and students to come and visit us and also offer free trial days for new students to ensure they have the most confident start possible to their learning journey. Feel free to contact us to arrange an informational visit and tour of the campus.
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Mel Rose
Head of School
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