Please read the instructions carefully before completing the Application for Admission. Print or type all the information and make sure that all items have been answered. To complete the application process, parents will need to provide the following:


 -Completed Application for Admission (must be signed by a parent or guardian)

 -Completed Attendance Commitment Form

 -Completed Waiver of Liability Form

 -Completed Access to Spanish Universities Form or Homologation of 4 ESO Form *(see more details  below)

 -Certified copy or original transcripts 1.) in the original language and 2.) with an official certified    English translation, if not already in English. Original transcripts must be sent directly from the leaving  school’s administration to the Director of Admissions by email or regular post. Transcripts will become  property of ES International School and will not be returned.

 -Application fee of €195 (non-refundable)

 -Copy of student’s passport and parents’ passports

 -Passport size photograph (optional)

 -If the student takes a medication on a regular basis or has a learning difference, please explain this in  full detail in a separate document.

 -Please sign all documents using blue ink.



The school will only process the Application for Admission once it has received ALL of the application requirements. Although we may initially receive scanned copies of the application and the supporting documents by email or fax, please note that we also must receive all the originals by post or by courier within days of the admission confirmation. Original official school transcript must be received directly from the schools.


Mr. Carlos Lizardi

Director of Admissions