Dear ES American School Community Members,

My name is Andreas and my journey in this school started 4 years ago. I came here in 9th grade, which for me was a big challenge because I decided to come to a school where I didn’t know anyone and where I couldn’t speak my mother  language. After 4 years, I can say that the decision that I made to come to this school is one of the best that I have made so far in my life.

This year I’ve been elected as the new president of the Student Council. For me, it is a great honor to be part of this school,  and I will try my best to successfully complete this year as your president. I plan to do whatever it takes to help care for all the students and important school issues.

I wanted to be this year’s Student Council president because I think that during these hard moments of living in a pandemic, there has to be a person who is going to manage these difficult situations. With the help of all the students and teachers in the school, this year we have to be more united than ever and think as one. I will show consistently that I’m prepared to take on this challenge and prove that I can be a great role model. I want to help others see that in this school we are more than a group of students; we are a family.  We will all succeed and achieve our goals together.


         See you soon,


                               Andreas Chapides

Andreas Chapides

Student Council President


"Democracy is the government of the people,
  by the people, for the people."

-Abraham Lincoln