Dear community,


   My name is Jasmine Saunders and I would like to introduce myself as the 2018-2019 President of the ES International School Student Council. I’m in 12th grade and this is my second year at this academy. I was born and raised in London where I took up tennis as a young child and played for my school and with my friends and family.  It was great, but something inside of me always wanted to come to Barcelona. I dreamed of experiencing a new culture whilst balancing my life as a student athlete, a life which ES International School and the Academia Sánchez Casal proudly offer. Though I was doubtful I could handle the upcoming obstacles involved in this new change, I settled in quickly and it feels like I have been here forever. When I set foot on this campus, I immediately knew it was meant for me.

   I have now spent three semesters on this campus, and it has already shaped me into the person I am today: a proud student-athlete who is achieving their goals. With the help of teachers and coaches, I enjoy my studies greatly while being able to play tennis every day. This combination has given me the ability to make my dreams become a reality and I get to play tournaments on a weekly basis.


   I also love to learn new things and actively seek experiences that push me beyond my comfort zone just like during the school excursions we have been on. This year, leading the student body, I have the thrill of organizing events and engaging with different kinds of people on meaningful projects. The Student Council has the role of organizing many different activities, for example the Thanksgiving and Calçotada lunches, and also the end of year party. We also raise money for charity. My personal project for the year would be to work hard to try and get approval for a common room where students can spend their recreational or break time. I'm confident that our team will make a great impact on the community.


    I’m extremely honored to spend my last year of high school holding this position in the place that has become like home to me. I'm looking forward to a great year ahead!


                                                                All the best,



Jasmine Saunders

Student Council President


"Democracy is the government of the people,

  by the people, for the people."

-Abraham Lincoln

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