Welcome to ES American School in Barcelona, Spain. Our school is the right choice for students who value individualized support in a nurturing environment.

Academic excellence is the cornerstone of student success, and for that reason we provide our students with every opportunity to excel. As a student-centered school, we provide an academic advisor to mentor and support all students throughout the year. With typically small class sizes, we also personalize the support provided in the classroom, creating a family-like learning community.

Both traditional and alternative assessment methods drive our instruction. Traditional assessment methods include MAP testing in the Elementary and Middle Schools, and PSAT and SAT testing in the High School. We are also a registered Advanced Placement (AP) school. AP courses are academically rigorous classes that provide our students with the opportunity to gain college level skills and experience while still in high school.

Alternative assessments provide a more holistic approach to learning, and our students regularly use 21st century tools to create videos, webpages, blogs, photo journals, interactive notebooks, and multimedia presentations to meet learning objectives. In High School, we have a Bring Your Own Device program, permitting students to have access to the best online tools to enhance their educational experiences.

Athletic excellence is a hallmark of our school, as we permit our students to pursue high performance sports training on site. Based on the campus of the Emilio Sánchez Academy high performance tennis facility, ES International School works with dedicated student-athletes training to become professional athletes. The dedication and drive necessary to succeed on the court is harnessed in the classroom to achieve similar academic results.

Holistic development of the student includes instilling values such as team-work, open-mindedness, communication and leadership. In today’s world, these values are proving to be more important to career success than traditional academic skills. To this end, students participate in Life Skills classes, and are assigned to Spirit Teams throughout the year, where they volunteer for charities, take part in outreach projects, and contribute to the environment and school community in general.

We welcome new parents to come and visit our school and get to know us better. We believe you’ll feel at home here. Feel free to contact us to arrange an informational visit and tour of the campus.

 Mel Rose

 Head of School

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